goodbye & hello, wolf

the music reads notes from the book
and my inner eye looks in upon the tiny shadows
balled up, in the corner – and you were there,
i remember everything, you said
the thread between us still connected
while i’m up breathing the air of life
and you are sleeping in the soil, dead
but like leaves,
you whisper of hope and take me across
the existential plains, tranquil water
surfaces within my head
and like trees, i know you’ll return
back to me, regardless of where i am
and what i’ll become – i’ll find and see you
running into the sun

Meet Logan, the lovely prince. Unfortunately he passed away last year.
But he was such a wonderful soul. Apparently in his older age,
he became too territorial. However, he was always kind and
gentle to me, so today I’d like to remember him. 


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