transience vs permanence

we wear pearls and think
them fancy, but what would
sea creatures believe? they’d
stare, their expressions confused
that we’d wear sand – but then
would wonder, what should
we wear from their land?
attempting to make necklaces
from dead leaves and potting soil,
maybe even beaded rosaries from
broken up asphalt
only to have it all fall and float away
seashells would be disappointed,
thinking it their fault that
the beauty of our items could not stay
but truth is, they create for eternity
while we’ve fallen into the mistake
of thinking and making for the day


3 thoughts on “transience vs permanence

  1. Amazing! Your thoughts move in a different way, I suppose! I went through a couple of your poems and really really enjoyed reading them! They are filled with rich and unusual images showing amazing creativity! would love to follow your blog! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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