in the belly of Morning

My second submission for Poet’s Corner! At least once a week I will plan to share nature-themed poetry over there so if you ever have some spare time, please check my poetry out over there along with all of the other wonderful writers! 🙂 -Brianna, Tiny Fawns

Poet's Corner

sometimes my dreams arrest me
holding me by the wrists deep in the
belly of the Morning, i use her ribs as
rungs to climb out – i hear the wind sleeping

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hush chills

Everyone, in addition to my daily posts here on Tiny Fawns Writings, I have officially started sharing at least one or two poems a week over on Poet’s Corner. It’s a great place where a lot of amazing poets gather to share poetry. I can only hope to become as skilled and talented as they are with their writing. If you are interested, I hope you check out this site – I highly recommend it! 🙂

Poet's Corner

the leaves twist their fingers
telling the wind to hush
as it prattles on, rushing across
the necks of rivers, slithering up
the spines of bridges, biting

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