Watercolor Adventures 2017

Last updated, May 16th, 2017


At the beginning of February I decided to expand my artistic interests to include a bit of experiment with water color painting. I recently purchased a Faber Castell Watercolor Pencil set along with some water brush pens. This was such a lovely way to begin tiptoeing my way into this branch of art, especially since my previous experiences with watercolor painting bring of memories of me as a child discontent with shabby plastic brushes pushing around large puddles of water on cheap paper that just would not hold any color whatsoever. However, knowing that watercolor painting isn’t the most forgiving of paint forms out there when it comes to making mistakes, I thought this would be a great way for me to really concentrate on improving my patience with art and development of skills, especially for mixing colors properly without much mudding.

Anyway, I thought long and hard about either doing a wordpress page to consist of all watercolor projects or to do individual blog posts and settled on one comprehensive page that I would update as needed. I decided on this especially since I already do weekly updates with my Shadowscapes colored pencil artworks and more importantly, since I consider this a journal primarily for poetry works.

So here you have it! Random odds and ends from my watercolor adventures treasure junk trunk, haha. As of right now, I’ve just been working with watercolor pencils, but I’m hoping by next month I’ll be able to add a watercolor pan set to the mix.

Thanks for checking out this page!

-Brianna, AKA Tiny Fawns