the liar & the stones

kill two birds with one stone
but the meaning of his words
were long, long gone – so a
flock overtook his throne
and they watched on,
perched high upon wires
all along they had known
he was the most cowardly liar of all liars
hid his pride behind a single
rock, his tiny ivory tower
always casting the first stone
chasing after bones, crying wolf

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: catapult

towers; entitlement

walking along,
you found what you believed
was a door, and gave a strong
swift knock – wondering whether
it could be unlocked at all

but from my side,
it’s just another wall
towering, ancient –
no call was meant
to be sent up and over it –

so when i remain silent
by my own willful choice
don’t you dare hide behind
cowardly entitlement as if
your voice is worth being heard

because up until now,
the air never carried the slightest
trace of any of your words –
whispered, prayed about, thoughts
or lies
therefore, just accept your past
will remain a never-lived dream
until even after you die

buttons & caps

pushing buttons
getting under one’s skin
setting off a fuse

bottling up a
short temper within

busting a cap
raising hell –
better dodge that bullet –

cold shoulders,
silent stare

when they say
all is well –
it isn’t,

they watch their own
blood pressure rise
behind their heated eyes
breaking points
slamming doors

people wonder


not even the mirror
could hold me within
as i stared and stared
i felt what i saw of myself
peel away – like saying
a word, repetitiously
until it loses all meaning,
just chewing on sounds –
between myself and
what i gazed at
was nothing but air,
and i was looking back
at what could never
get away from the square
in which i stood in front
of, almost every day –
trying to figure out
my angles and what
i should say

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: unmoored