strike iii

she looked away and let
the words stay hidden
so that they may not be
bitten by the teeth of
her dissatisfaction
but beware to the ones
who push her buttons
for a reaction out of jest –
because she’ll tear down
the best of you and settle
for nothing less

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: reprieve

buttons & caps

pushing buttons
getting under one’s skin
setting off a fuse

bottling up a
short temper within

busting a cap
raising hell –
better dodge that bullet –

cold shoulders,
silent stare

when they say
all is well –
it isn’t,

they watch their own
blood pressure rise
behind their heated eyes
breaking points
slamming doors

people wonder


i sometimes admire
the ones who are wired
and programmed to
not seem to give a damn
and aren’t taken higher
into the whirlwind of a storm
of torn anger and resentful
scorn dressed in a forlorn,
long, exasperated glare
but then i remember
that they really do care
but just happen to be
much better at bottling
up their despair and it
comes out as monsters
when staring in the mirror
as they brush their teeth,
or when they struggle
to fall asleep and when
they are no longer awake,
those emotions then take
them by the throat
in their night terrors and

wolf cried wolf

the wolf cried wolf
to see if anyone would
run to the rescue,
to save himself from
himself – they did,
but not soon
enough – so he coughed
his sadness upward
to the moon, his breath a
rough cold smoke in the air,
letting his sadness
rip through the trees –
others couldn’t tell if it
were prayers or swears

sad blooms

tiny shadows appeared –
as the rain clouds loomed
and leered from the skies,
the shadows grew larger and
bloomed tears that stung
the corners of my eyes, leaving them
red across the edges, burning like
the sunset on a horizon left
wet from the storm from which
numbness and detachment
were born to keep the sadness from
rising again and bending
my worn face down – i’ll
keep the shadows in their room
right here, inside my heart –
because i can’t imagine
a moment in my life in which
we could ever be apart

backdated Post a Day Poem for April 1st, 2017.