other side of the fence

one person’s junk
is another person’s treasure
one person’s pain
is another person’s pleasure
one person’s chaos
is another person’s measure
one person’s freedom
is another person’s oppressor
one person’s oasis
is another person’s desert
one person’s farce
is another person’s tragedy,
the fact of it is,
our realities
for better or for less
have a way making the most
out of the best of the best
or best of the worse
without regards to whomever
whatsoever whenever

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: farce

lines and cold grins

kindness doesn’t wear a
cold grin or tear at the
corners of another’s
emotions – nor does it
keep a thinly drawn line
inked between what is
labeled as ‘yours’ or ‘mine’ –
kindness never counts
others’ shortcomings as losses
nor crosses them out when
their expectations do not
amount to anything or
any reality it all,
kindness is the ability
to erase the lines and let
warmth shine from one’s
heart when one cannot
find anything or any
sort worth fighting for
within others at all

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: hospitality

dead soils; dry fuel

bending ourselves to a
breaking point, stretching
the joints of our brains to
rework our limits, our boundaries
redrawn to encompass everyone’s
and one’s own expectations
within them, how can we
push our progress to the end
when our fuel runs dry?
sometimes we mistake the paths
of destruction by claiming they are
bettering ourselves, even if they
have taken away the sky
below our feet, leaving us
stumbling along dead soil on
desolate grounds in defeat

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: better

pajamas & crowns

people close in,
stamping their feet
beating the ground
with arrows and spears
you hear it all from them
saying you should change it up
try something new or bold
it all just gets old, though –
others throwing their
expectations around –
but there’s
nothing wrong with
staying in your pajamas
and not going out on the town –
sometimes all you
need in life cannot be found
in another’s assumptions, desires,
or goals or frowns, only you
can wear your crown
written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: lifestyle