sad blooms

tiny shadows appeared –
as the rain clouds loomed
and leered from the skies,
the shadows grew larger and
bloomed tears that stung
the corners of my eyes, leaving them
red across the edges, burning like
the sunset on a horizon left
wet from the storm from which
numbness and detachment
were born to keep the sadness from
rising again and bending
my worn face down – i’ll
keep the shadows in their room
right here, inside my heart –
because i can’t imagine
a moment in my life in which
we could ever be apart

backdated Post a Day Poem for April 1st, 2017.


sadness haunts me
of a day when future
generations will only
know our world
within the boundaries of
images, pictures, and paintings
yet will never have the
chance to see with their own eyes
and to feel with their on fingertips
the touch, warmth, blood, and life
of our world, how many more
times must the sun rise until
someone somewhere by chance
takes that last picture of that last
breath before something
endangered, near extinction
finally dies

the origin of silver lining

the sun clawed across the sky
with a taunting smirk playing in his eyes
a lost, lonely cloud whispered a prayer
then sent her sadness everywhere
across the body of the earth
which told her she was well worth more
than what the shadows told her
in her mind and asked for the sun to
shine a little more kindly,
creating silver lines

reality; one’s nightmare is another’s dream

just one moment
and in that rest,
the best i could do was reflect
on how i felt less than what my Potential
whispers to me on the edges of my sleep
and in my small waking moments,
you tap me on the shoulder and say
less is more,
worried about all the thoughts
i stack up and weigh down on the core
of my mind, breaking down the spine
of my heart, you were concerned if my soul
would start to crack apart and let the shadows
inside take their toll, you were worried that the pause
between the hesitation i take and my sleeping
eyes will widen the gap between
what you believe in me and how i choose
to see myself, making one a nightmare
and one a dream, both i keep on a shelf
in the back of my head, letting the threads of
them become loose ends as i tread the
paths of sleep

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: pause

of sighs

as i exhaled a breath
a snowflake touched my bottom lip
and another rested on my eye
sometimes i forget
i’m not the only one who sighs
at the end of a day
or the completion of a journey
or the finishing of a task
we all breathe a sigh of relief
or even of sadness
or of confusion in our own little ways
as if to ask, how much longer
am i even going to become stronger?
or will i always feel this weak?
as i watch the bodies of raindrops and
snowflakes flatten and disappear
in the streets


occasionally, no –
most often i find my mind
twisting its fingers in anxiety,
slowly ruminating over whether
or not this shell of a human
is a chrysalis from which
something lovelier could bloom
but there hardly seems to be any
room for anything other than shadows
looming and pacing across the floors
pressing their faces against the walls
they’ve manipulated my thoughts
to be about nothing at all
so when i reach deep into that place
where i know my soul should peacefully sleep,
i keep seeing nothing within
my palms as i pull them out
and hold them up to the light –
my sight a blurred film of
salty water tides, rising from
somewhere where i couldn’t see
the sea weighted down,
drowning within itself
inside of me

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: ruminate